Pool to Earn

"Pool to Earn" is a unique feature offered by YearnTogether, which encourages even small fund holders to join and form a pool to purchase YearnTogether passes.
Pooling together with other users can increase the chances of winning the draw. By pooling together, users can collectively purchase a larger number of passes, leading to a higher return on investment for all members of the pool.
To create a pool, small fund holders deposit until the maximum amount of $55 is reached. Once the maximum amount is reached, the pool contract purchases the gaming pass directly. If the pass wins, the winnings and bonuses are distributed to the pool members based on their contribution to the pool.
The minimum amount required to join a pool is $1, meaning that even with a small investment, users have a chance to win big. In fact, with just $1, a user can potentially win up to $4,000.
So, if you're looking for an opportunity to increase your chances of winning and earn some rewards, consider joining a pool in YearnTogether's "Pool to Earn" feature.
The pool's minimum amount is $1.