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Decentralization Efforts

Addressing Centralization Risks
YearnTogether addresses all centralization risks with Timelock and Multi sign, by delaying the sensitive operation and avoiding a single point of key management failure
Multi-Sign wallets.
YearnTogether adopts Gnosis Safe to improve the decentralization of the project.
Gnosis Safe was chosen as it is the most trusted platform to manage digital assets with their multi-signature format for DAOs and teams.
YearnTogether Platform Deployment Address on Main-net
The deployment of Gnosis Safe is at:
Signer 1:
Signer 2:
Signer 3:
Signer 4:
Signer 5:
Transaction Hash from Gnosis Safe
Since only 4 out of 5 wallets are required to sign in order to proceed Gnosis Safe. Therefore, given first 4 wallet addresses are owned & signed by YearnTogether core team members and the fifth wallet is owned by CEO of YearnTogether.
TimeLock smart contract
// TimeLock Config
uint public constant MIN_DELAY = 86_400; // seconds in a day (1 day)
uint public constant MAX_DELAY = 172_800; // seconds in a day (2 days)
uint public constant GRACE_PERIOD = 86_400; // seconds in a day (1 day)
// Withdrw With TimeLock
address public timeLock; // delay admin transactions with Time Lock
* @notice Owner withdraw the liquidity funds from the contract
function _withdrawLiquidityFunds(uint256 amount) external onlyTimeLock {
require (amount <= liqidityFunds);
liqidityFunds -= amount;
tokenAddress.safeTransfer(liquidityAddress, amount);
emit AvailableFund(currentDraw, liqidityFunds, exchangeListingFunds, charityFunds);
// TimeLock Usages
modifier onlyTimeLock() {
require(msg.sender == timeLock);
// TimeLock Deployed Contract
timeLock = address(0x67FfeB13e57E9d1355D5522E0203717fb199814d);