Predict to Earn

Pay to Predict or Predict Freely!
Everyone on the platform can predict the current draw winner and earn YEARN tokens.
Everyone is allowed to predict and change their prediction multiple times during the draw until the winner is announced. Only the most recent prediction is taken into consideration.
In the platform, there are two types of predictions.
Free Prediction:
  • No fee is required.
  • Only the exact match is rewarded.
  • Only the YEARN tokens are rewarded.
  • Not eligible for the Jackpot prediction.
Premium Prediction:
  • $1 is expected as a fee.
  • The exact and Nearest (+5 or – 5) match is rewarded.
  • YEARN tokens are rewarded.
  • Eligible for Jackpot Prediction.
Jackpot Prediction: The anticipated winner of the $100k jackpot receives a prize pool of $25,000. And the range prediction winners receive a $5000 prize fund.