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The Community

We are not just building a platform; we are building a community.
We are not just building a platform, we are building a community. Our platform brings together project teams, affiliates, IDO buyers, and common gaming users. We believe that by creating a vibrant and active community around our project, we can create long-lasting value for all involved.

Project Team

The Project Team explains the idea/concept on the YearnTogether platform.
YearnTogether introduces various users like Influences, Affiliates, and Mass Crypto Enthusiasts to their project after reviewing their idea. These users promote the Project on various social media and other PRs.
As a result, the crypto community is expanded for their Project beyond their market strategy. Finally, the Project team gets the initial funds to develop the idea and real users to build the real community.
YearnTogether ensures that the project team receives initial funding as well as a trusted community, and the various users benefit from their participation and promotion activities.


YearnTogether, unlike the traditional IDOs, encourages participants to invest in the project and earn rewards for their affiliate activities.
Early participants receive YEARN tokens for their participation. In the future, the token may be traded or used as a fee in the YearnTogether.

Crypto Enthusiasts

YearnTogether encourages crypto enthusiasts to freely participate in YearnTogether and reap the benefits in a variety of ways. They can join as a free affiliate and promote the project or earn by predicting the winner in each draw.
As a result, anyone can use this platform to make money!


YearnTogether's affiliate program greatly expands earning potential. Affiliates are compensated for all referrals and winnings.
The affiliate also wins by correctly predicting the winner of each draw.


YearnTogether recognizes the importance of influencers in all crypto projects. Influencers can earn by referring more valuable participants to YearnTogether.
Project tokens are also awarded to verified influencers based on their referral achievements. Influencers can also predict and earn in every draw.