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Frequently Asked Questions

To Better Understand YearnTogether!
What is YearnTogether?
YearnTogether is a gaming-enabled IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform that enables project teams, presale investors, influencers, affiliate marketers, crypto enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about building something great together to connect and collaborate. It offers various gameplay elements that allow users to earn tokens, including "Participate2Earn," "Promote2Earn," "Predict2Earn," "Perform2Earn," and "Pool2Earn."
How does YearnTogether work?
YearnTogether works by allowing users to buy passes on the platform with a minimum deposit of just $55. With each pass purchased, users earn assured YEARN tokens and participate in the gaming. The platform also offers an affiliate program that rewards users with YEARN tokens for promoting the platform to their networks. Additionally, users can earn tokens by predicting draw winners, performing as influencers, or pooling funds with other users.
What is a YEARN token?
YEARN is the native token of the YearnTogether platform. It is an BEP-20 token that can be used for various purposes within the platform, including purchasing passes, participating in the gaming, and staking.
What is the plan to keep the YEARN stable?
Every quarter, 20% of platform profit is used for buy-backs, increasing the token's value and benefiting the holders.
How secure is YearnTogether?
YearnTogether has partnered with Certik and Chainlink to create smart contracts that are both secure and responsive to real-world events. These partnerships ensure that the platform is secure and transparent, with users' funds and data protected.
How can I participate in YearnTogether?
To participate in YearnTogether, simply visit the platform's website. From there, you can purchase passes, participate in the gaming, predict draw winners, promote the platform, or pool funds with other users.
Can I earn without investing any money?
Yes! You can earn from affiliate programs and by predicting the winner for each draw.
For big winning moments, invest just $55 and earn more.
What are the different membership grades in YearnTogether?
YearnTogether offers three membership grades: YEARN Community, YEARN Prime, and YEARN Elite. The membership grade you choose determines your earning potential on the platform.
How can I upgrade to YEARN Elite?
To upgrade to YEARN Elite, you must purchase a $55 pass and then purchase additional passes until you reach the maximum limit of 100 passes per YEARN Elite account. Once you have reached this limit, you will be eligible for additional rewards and benefits.
What is YearnBuddy, YearnChamp, and YearnFam?
YearnBuddy, YearnChamp, and YearnFam are titles given to YEARN Elite users who are selected through a draw process. YearnBuddy is selected from every 1k passes sold and awarded $5,000 USD, YearnChamp is selected from every 10k passes sold and awarded $10,000 USD, and YearnFam is selected from every 100k passes sold and awarded $200,000 USD.
How do I withdraw my tokens from YearnTogether?
You can withdraw your tokens from YearnTogether by connecting your wallet to the platform and initiating a withdrawal request once admin initiates the token release after 100k passes are sold in the platform. The tokens will be sent to your wallet once the request is approved.
Is YearnTogether available globally?
Yes, YearnTogether is available globally, and anyone can participate in the platform's activities. However, some restrictions may apply in certain countries due to regulatory requirements.