How it Works?

Here's how our gaming-enabled IDO works: Participants purchase a specific amount of tokens, and for each token they purchase, they receive a corresponding number of gaming passes.

YearnTogether uses the ChainLink VRF.

Chainlink VRF provided an easy-to-integrate RNG solution that is secure and publicly auditable, resulting in provably fair and unbiased.

How does the Gaming-IDO operate?

Submit IDO Request

The Project Team can visit and request for IDO listing.

Perform Due Diligence

Due diligence is critical for investments and partnerships, ensuring a project's integrity and viability. In YearnTogether, this includes:

  • Verification: Assessing platform capabilities and value propositions.

  • Technical: Confirming robust technology and architecture.

  • Financial: Reviewing financial health and sustainability metrics.

  • Legal: Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

  • Market: Evaluating competitive positioning and growth opportunities.

  • Team: Checking team expertise and project execution capability.

  • Risk: Analyzing potential project risks and their management.

  • Stakeholder Alignment: Matching project goals with investor expectations.

  • Third-Party Validation: Optionally getting external expert opinions.

  • Post-Investment Monitoring: Tracking progress and adapting to changes.

Set Preferences for Gaming-IDO

  1. Choose Fundraising Rounds: Select the desired stages of fundraising, such as Seed, Private, Public, or Gaming. Each stage may cater to different types of investors or goals.

  2. Affiliate Rewarding Percentage: Set the percentage of rewards or incentives given to affiliates who promote or contribute to the project. This can help incentivize marketing and growth.

  3. Gaming Rewarding Distribution: Define how rewards related to gaming are distributed, whether to players, developers, or other stakeholders. This could align with the project's community engagement or monetization strategy.

  4. Gaming Guideline: Outline the rules, objectives, and principles that govern the gaming aspects of the project, ensuring clarity and alignment with the project's vision and legal requirements.

These settings enable customization of the Gaming-IDO, aligning the project with its target audience and goals, and ensuring that rewards and guidelines are clear and strategically designed. It appears to offer flexibility and control in tailoring the fundraising approach to fit the specific needs and characteristics of a gaming-oriented project.

Open Gaming-IDO to Public

  1. The gamer, user, or IDO buyer selects the project in which to invest or participate and purchases the entrance pass at the recommended price.

  2. Participate in various game-play elements in YearnTogether

  3. Withdraw your earned tokens!

The participants have a chance to enjoy the winning movements as per IDO Project Gaming guideline and YEARN tokens.

In the future, This YEARN token can be used as fee in YearnTogether platform.

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